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Students should have some PLC exposure, but previous programming experience is not required. This course is also good for those transitioning from GX Works2 or GX Developer and covers some advanced topics.


This 4-day course is intended to introduce and take an in-depth look at the features and programming languages of the GX Works3 software. It provides full descriptions of Ladder, ST, SFC, and FBD/LD languages utilizing label based programming.

Who should attend

Students responsible for creating programs in the structured programming languages: ST, SFC, structured ladder/FBD and ladder using device and label based programming.


  • Lesson 1 GX Works3 Compatible Hardware
  • Lesson 2 GX Works3 Introduction
  • Lesson 3 e-Manual Viewer (Help)
  • Lesson 4 Creating a Project
  • Lesson 5 Online Operations
  • Lesson 6 Program Documentation
  • Lesson 7 Labels
  • Lesson 8 Module Configuration
  • Lesson 9 Parameters
  • Lesson 10 System Addressing
  • Lesson 11 Timers and Counters
  • Lesson 12 Basic Instructions
  • Lesson 13 Special Addresses
  • Lesson 14 Mathematics
  • Lesson 15 GX Works3 Utilities
  • Lesson 16 Intelligent Modules
  • Lesson 17 Additional Commands
  • Lesson 18 Multiple Programs
  • Lesson 19 Structured Text
  • Lesson 20 Function Block Diagram
  • Lesson 21 Sequential Function Chart
  • Lesson 21 Functions and Function Blocks
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A pre-packaged ready to program training station which contains everything you need to get started with programming Mitsubishi products can be purchased. This is a great option to get an HMI, PLC and the programming software in one package.

The kit comes with:

  1. Mitsubishi FX5UJ Compact PLC with 14 inputs and 10 outputs
  2. Mitsubishi 7-inch Widescreen HMI, model GS2107-WTBD
  3. A license of GX Works3 PLC Programming software
  4. A license of GT Works3 HMI Programming software
  5. A mini-USB cable for programming the HMI and PLC

Download the Training Hardware Cutsheet


Please click on the Registration Link to see the location of the training. Some trainings are in-person at one of our training facilities and some are held on-line. The requirements change based on whether the training is in-person or online. Please see below.

In-Person Class Details

In-person classes utilize the Mitsubishi iQ-R Series PLC platform. Computers are provided by Gibson for this training, however students are also welcome to bring their own laptops if they have already installed the GX Works3 programming software.

Online Class Details

Online classes utilize a combination of a GX Works3 Training Kit and the built-in Emulator provided by the GX Works3 software. Students will need to have the GX Works3 software pre-installed before the start of class and the GT Designer3 software as well.


  • Purchase or Rental of a GX Works3 Training setup - Please contact Gibson if you have any questions about the training hardware
  • GX Works3 Software pre-installed on the student’s PC
  • GT Designer3 Software pre-installed on the student’s PC
  • Quiet workspace to sit for the duration of the class away from distractions where the instructor can be heard easily
  • Webcam so that you can interact with the class and the instructor
  • Either a headset or speakers and a microphone

Upcoming Sessions

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