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Who We Are

Gibson Engineering, Inc. is a leading solutions provider for world-class manufacturers of industrial automation products. We provide customized solutions that help major corporations become time and cost efficient. Using skills-based training through our curriculum and technical support team, we become an extension of our customers’ engineering groups by creating innovative technological applications that

  • Reduce risk
  • Maximize return on investment(ROI)
  • Provide ease-of-use
  • Increase profitability
  • Gain a competitive edge in the marketplace

Headquartered near Boston, Massachusetts, we have a team of engineering and support staff that services our customers located from Maine to Maryland.

What We do

Gibson Engineering’s award-winning engineers deliver “whole company solutions” to a wide range of corporations in the areas of MACHINE CONTROL, MACHINE FRAMING, MACHINE SAFEGUARDING, MACHINE VISION, MOTION CONTROL, PNEUMATICS, ROBOTICS, and SENSORS. Our VALUE ADDED SERVICES are a key benefit to our clients in helping them increase productivity by providing high-quality and high volume custom packaging controls services, turnkey programming for integrating and installing solutions, engineering consultation, and more.

Our Philosophy

For more than six decades, our company’s core mission has been to solve problems from beginning to end –- to go above and beyond to help clients succeed. Talent, enthusiasm, and dedication: The same business principles that fueled Gibson’s initial growth in the 1940s and ‘50s apply today. We provide the highest level of application intelligence at the point of use.

Vendors such as COGNEX, SICK, MITSUBISHI, and IAI rely on Gibson to fully leverage their products’ technological potential to deliver the best possible results for a wide range of major corporations representing dozens of growing industries.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a profitable enterprise by increasing the productivity, competitiveness and profitability of manufacturers who recognize the return on investment we provide. We will:

  • Provide the highest level of application intelligence at the point of sale.
  • Provide knowledge and skills based training through our superior industrial technology curriculum and technical support team.
  • Provide leading edge disruptive technologies as they become available.
  • Provide our customer contact team with the understanding of the value that return on investment thinking brings to our customers.
  • Guarantee that in every interaction we will use our honest curiosity to understand our customers needs and apply all of our problem solving skills to satisfy those needs.

Our Team

In addition to our visionary executive management team, Gibson Engineering employs a diverse and accomplished group of engineers who share a common goal in applying the highest level of problem-solving skills and exceptional customer service to each and every client. An important extension of the engineering division is our dedicated group of customer service representatives whose priority is to ensure a timely response to clients’ requests.

Our History & Future

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