Opto Engineering

Opto Engineering is a world leader in telecentric lensing technology. Their unique solutions and optical technology help solve machine vision applications that were once considered impossible.

Opto Engineering Product Solutions

telecentric lens

Opto Engineering Telecentric lenses provide extra-telecentricity for thick object imaging. With very low distortion for accurate measurements, they offer excellent resolution for small pixel cameras. Some models include wide depth of field for large object displacements.

fixed focal lenses

Opto Engineering family of Fixed Focal lenses comprises many optics with special features, in addition to the most common types of optics used in machine vision. They offer a wide variety of fixed focal lenses for small, medium and large detectors, including very high resolution and UV imaging options.

macro optics

Opto Engineering Macro Optics lenses can perform close-range inspection tasks very effectively with impressive optical performance in terms of resolution and distortion. Their compact form factor and optical capabilities make the macro lenses an ideal solution for a wide range of machine vision systems.

dcs controller

Opto Engineering offers a wide variety of high resolution IR optics for both cooled and uncooled IR cameras spanning all IT spectral bands. These IR optics feature large field of view and low distortion and can be equipped with custom mount interfaces.

360 degree optics

Opto Engineering designed a line of 360 degree optics where one image is enough to view the top and side of an object or the inside of a cavity. These lenses allows users to inspect an object with as few cameras as possible.

led pattern projector

Opto Engineering LED Pattern Projectors have been designed for 3D profiling/reconstruction and for the measurement of objects with complex structures or inclined planes. LED technology ensures more homogeneous illumination in addition to sharp edges and no speckle effect.

led illuminators

Opto Engineering offers a wide range of Illumination solutions including ringlights, dome illuminators and a unique space-saving lighting system complimented by specific high power/strobe controllers.

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Opto Engineering has become a leading manufacturer of high-end optical technologies for the most difficult machine vision applications in various industries around the world, reach out to Gibson Engineering to see what this technology can do for you today!